Troy Bender

Dear Troy,

Our original dinner seminar with you in 2007 at the Claim Jumper in Mission Viejo, started us on a safer and successful savings and retirements plans – and for that we are most appreciative. In addition to our several contracts with Asset Retention, we obtained your services to help with Charlene’s mother and her holdings.

When we first attended the seminar and subsequently met in your office, we become more aware of your risk factor of our hard earned savings. Little did we know that the Economy would change the way it did. The stock market fell over 40% since we become your client in 2007.

Because of the annuities we transferred much of our funds to, we have lost nothing- in fact, every one of our accounts have gained money! This was more important for Charlene’s mother, as she would not have much time to recover her loss.

At the time of our first meeting, we were both full time working psychologist, and planned to retire within the one to five years. We wanted to persevere what we had worked so hard to attain over our lives. Having over 85% of our retirement at risk, at our ages, didn’t make much sense.

We realized that it does no good to build up a retirement portfolio and the right before retirement lose a big percentage of it. This would have forced us to work for many years. Charlene has since retired from her full time position and has been able to spend precious time with our first grandchild. Peter is still working as he had planned to, and expects to retire soon.

We still have some of our holdings in the stock market and have unfortunately lost a measurable percentage of them, unlike the money we placed with you. However, much of our savings is safe.

Thank you Troy for helping us put together a lifetime income with will give us as guaranteed stream of income to add to our other streams of income.

In addition, we want to thank you for helping Charlene’s mother by flying to Pennsylvania and helping to reduce the tremendous risk that she had in her retirement.

Sincerely yours,

Charlene & Peter W.