Troy Bender Testimonial

To Whom it may concern,

We met Troy M Bender at the Health Fare Expo.  We were particularly in learning how to create “more earning power without exposing our principle”. We were concerned because from April 2000 to July 2000 our retirement portfolio has dropped over 10%. We knew our current positions did not guarantee against loss.

Troy made us feel sure that we were going to correct our situation from the beginning. He met with us the first time to review exactly what our goals were.

The issues that most concerned us were:

  • Our decline of current vulnerable positions
  • Paying off our debts while moving into Laguna Woods
  • Protecting our assets from health care catastrophes
  • Making sure we paid no fees to transfer our investment.


To date, all these important items have taken care of for us including our most important issues- prevention of our current assets.

We would recommend anyone, especially seniors to sit down and learn how his company perseveres your hard-earned assets. John and I don’t want to have to work forever. Troy has helped us to realize that there is a way to probably earn much better returns than CD’s or money-market rates without ever losing our principle. It was nice that Asset Retention Insurances Services, Inc. is also a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. We look forward to annual reviews.

For this and other reasons, we Thank-You Troy Bender. Troy’s professional courtesy and knowledge of our issues as seniors has certainly helped us.

We are residents off Gate 1 in Laguna Woods.

Sincerely, Sandy and John C.