Troy Bender Reviews

Dear Troy,

Just three words to thank you for the three annuities I purchased through you during the past year! Although the stock market plunged during the last year, the first annuity I have went up 3 percent! On the other hand, the other two annuities went this past October have increased 11.272 percent! That’s a 6 percent bonus I received immediately this year and a 70 percent participation rate since the Standard & Poor 500 index increased 8.8% through yesterday.

I am very pleased that the money I have invested in these annuities is worry free! I have retired for almost 13 years and it is comforting to me that I do not need to be concerned about this investment. This is unlike the experience and concerns that most equity investors have had during the past year and a half! The fact that American Equity Insurance has been in business in many years and is highly rated in A.M. Best is also comforting to me!

These annuities enable me to enjoy my retirement and not have to worry about losses due to stock market variations. Yet they enable me to participate in upward moves of the S&P 500 index. It also protects my annuity for me and my heirs.

Thanks for helping me my companion who lives off Gate 5 in Leisure Woods!

Sincerely, Leo L.