Troy Bender Reviews and Testimonials

Troy Bender has been a real blessing to our family

“The only thing I usually gain from a free meal is a few unneeded pounds. The delicious meal at the Claim Jumper, provided by Asset Retention, on financial strategies for retirement proved to be an exception. From the onset your presentation clearly pointed out that 90% of our investments were too risky for our ages and financial status. We were impressed by the depth of your knowledge and your creative applications for our financial needs. About half way through your seminar my wife Cindy turned to me and said “we need to schedule a consultation with Troy.” We did, and the rest is history. Troy has skillfully revised our entire portfolio and not only prevented us from losing money but enabled us to make a very substantial gain. The transactions were challenging to say the least. Without Troy’s patience, perseverance and all the extra hours of phone calls this would have been an impossible task. My wife and I are very pleased with our current investments and feel very blessed that we have been provided with this opportunity. After meeting with Troy, I told my Dad about what had been done for my wife and I. My Dad, who just turned 90 years old, has always been very secretive about his estate. To my surprise he asked me, when are we going to meet with Troy? His situation was even worse than mine. Troy totally revamped his estate. The results are miraculous. The money saved by moving his investments and the future savings by reducing his taxable income and estate taxes is substantial. Our three children have also expressed interest in meeting with Troy in the near future. I only wish we would have had this opportunity at such a young age. The entire experience has been so positive. Troy and his staff have made my wife and I feel like family not clients. Troy has been a real blessing to our family: we are real winners in every way. Troy, Thank you for being our financial advisor and friend. God bless you and your staff” – Sam F.