To Whom it may concern

To Whom it may concern,

I met Troy Bender over 30 years ago. His family especially his mother Janine have been close friends.

Troy and I have started to invest together when he was at Prudential. I didn’t mind paying fees when the market was going up but really didn’t like doing so when the market feel. This was one of the reasons why I knew Troy left Prudential.

I wanted to be able to sleep at night because I knew the bull market couldn’t go on forever, especially with the direction of interest rates lately. Troy gave me peace of mind without sacrificing my long-term goals and showed me what I needed to have for my own retirement.

Trust is a very important issue for me. I trust Troy with my six figure portfolio.

With an investment vehicle that mirrors the Dow Jones Industrial Average, I avenged 9.9% tax-deferred for my anniversary for this past year. I am very happy since original goal with Troy was to earn 10% tax-deferred on my investment year-in and year-out. I am also diversified with the S&P 500.

I am now able to pull out the funds we have invested and have elected to receive on an annual basis. I am expecting my check this week which greatly makes my retirement more enjoyable and secure

Troy even recently packing and moving my furniture on his free time.  Thank you Troy and needed help for my retirement portfolio.

I am a resident off Gate 14 in Laguna Woods.

Sincerely, Eleanor J.