Asset Retention Reviews

To other seniors in Laguna Woods,

I live between Gate 9 and 10. I am an immigrant from Hungry.  I originally met Troy at a short presentation that he gave to real estate agents and subsequently attend one on his monthly seminars at Polly’s in November 2000.

I am very satisfied with Asset Prevention Advisors and Troy in particular. When I first met Troy 84% of my total retirement was at risk. As soon as I lost 10% of my assets, I know I had to stop the losses immediately. My biggest concern was preserving my assets and then providing income for the rest of my life.

We moved funds from the variable annuities, and many mutual funds from my Myrell Lynch accounts that were at risk. Edward Jones transferred the assets.  Once they were transferred Troy had all fees returned to me as he discussed in the seminar.

I used to receive 34 pages every month on my statement. Now I will receive one page each year for each year for each contract I own. My life is simpler and Troy has given me peace of mind. Additionally, it was a plus that his Mother-Janine, whom I met at his seminar, has the same company I do for her retirement.

I have already referred friends of mine to Troy here in here in Laguna Woods and he has helped them too in preserving their assets. I will continue to do so in the future.

I would suggest that anyone who is concerned with their retirement sit down with Troy at their earliest convince.

Thank you- Troy

Sincerely, Marta D