Asset Retention Insurance Services

Troy Bender

Asset Preservation Advisors.

We first met you at one of your International Seminars. We have a number of finical planners over the years and were always seeking the “Right ones”. As you talked about asset preservation, tax reduction guaranteed returns, and other intriguing concept we become more and more interested. We were not sure if we wanted to go to yet another planner at this time, but your sincerity and enthusiasm enticed us to hear you out.  Out first home convinced us that you had a conservative but sound approach to our needs. You have confirmed our suspicious that we had a number of overly aggressive investments and it was time to convert our portfolio from an aggressive, but risky approach, to a more conservative one.

You helped us a variety of stocks, mutual funds, annuities, IRA etc. that we held to secure reliable investments under one well-established firm. The bonus offered by these new investments will probably amount to more than we would have realized of dividends or growth of the old stocks. You also had all of the fees associated with the sale of the old funds refunded to us, so it was a “No Loss” conversion for us.

Thank you very much for helping us rearrange our assets more to our benefits.


Betty and Bill O.